Quote by Cara Gurr (Radio Regenbogen):

"Colourist has already achieved more as a musician than some of the others we play in the charts!"


Quote by Simon Dörr (DasDing):

"As fresh as your music sounds, I'm pretty sure that you'll make it to the charts."


Quote by Rebecca (BigFM):
"Beautiful...just beautiful, both the music and the young man behind it!"


Quote by Michael Heinecke (RadioBase) on the album "AUF & DAVON":

"The driving beats and fresh lyrics create a wonderful summer feeling."


Hi, my name ist COLOURIST,


nice to meet you here =)


I am a passionate singer, songwriter & producer who really loves to travel the world to refuel creativity and create songs out of all my experiences.


With my music I try to take these beautiful moments of life and capture them like a camera does in a Polaroid snapshot. So that one day all my songs build a musical photo album or become a big painting about my whole life.


Created with the beautiful colours of music painted around my true stories to give you the same feelings that I had while writing and composing these songs.


The plan is to create a great masterpiece of art composed with the whole variety of colours of both, music and life.




The variety of my songs ranges from joy to sorrow, from party vibes to complete escalation. Just stories written by life.


It's about love and hate, desperation and being lost, about the struggles through life with its ups and downs to the indescribable moments where time simply stops.


It can be a thought, a sentence, a smile or a priceless moment that takes your words and breath away.


No matter how small these moments seem to be, in music they are huge.


All these individual stories and feelings are underlined by my music videos, which form the frame around the whole work of art.



So I hope you like the work of art so far?!


--> HERE <--


In the film industry a COLOURIST is responsible for defining the colouring (colour grading) and thus the whole mood of movie footage through a variety of colour treatments.


As you already know, In the stories behind my songs, I always try to capture the amazing moments of my life and paint around them with the whole palette of tone colours to make those moments, thoughts and feelings live forever in music.

With that I want to transport exactly the mood that I had in those moments and while writing the songs. So that when you listen to them, the stories with all their emotions can be seen like a movie in your head.

So I paint with tone colours just like a musical COLOURIST.

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„Musical Polaroid Pictures“:



COLOURIST writes and composes his songs on this maxim.

He creates modern EDM Pop which captures the great moments of life like a snapshot.

Underlined with perfectly fitting tone colours that reflect his true stories and feelings.


COLOURIST is not only a musician, but also a passionate content creator,

who - as a true allrounder - produces his complete content of videos, pictures, graphics and of course all of his songs from the first word to the last note completely by himself.

That's how he manages to inspire his listeners with his modern but timeless musical photo album.


 Besides making music he also loves to travel and gather new impressions and creativity to put his experiences and travel moments into music, lyrics, vocals, videos, pictures and his travel blog.


His overall goal is to inspire his community to simply go out,

travel and enjoy every second of their lives while listening to his music.


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  • Winner of the "Newcomer Finals" (bigFM)



  • Radio Regenbogen: Part of the show "Musik von hier"
  • 8 weeks on the daily playlist of the radio station bigFM ("Colourist - Your Night")
  • "AUF & DAVON" - 1-hour interview plus album presentation and much more on Radio Klinikfunk
  • Regular radio-plays on RadioBase / Frankfurt incl. presentation on their music blog



  • "Your Night": No. 1 (5 weeks)
  • "So high?!": No. 1 (3 weeks)
  • "Goodbye." No. 2 (2 weeks)

      -> ( bigFM community charts )






  • 2018: "AUF & DAVON"
  • 2018: #SNT (Acoustic)
  • 2017: #SNT by COLOURIST


  • 2019: "Wolkenlos", "Now or Never"
  • 2018: "Darkest Blue"
  • 2017: "Egal", "Die ganze Nacht", "Dieses Kleid", "Weißgold", "Hass / Liebe", "Die Party steigt", "Luft und Liebe", "Allein gegen die Welt", "Jeder Schluck", "Scherben im Kopf", "Über deiner Stadt", "Stroboskop"
  • 2014: "Summer Love", "Bottle of Wine", "Moonrise", "Falling Down", "Nothing"
  • 2013: "Sky's the Limit", "Heat of the Night", "You and I", Your Night", "I play for You", "Hopes and Dreams"
  • Mixtapes: "Dreams" (2011)



  • "Alexion" (U.S.A.)
  • "DJ Tronix" (Switzerland) - Songs: "Next Level (Radio Edit) & (Club Mix)" on his album "Tronix DJ - The Album" (Track 16 & 37 - Songwriting & Vocals by COLOURIST)
  • "Methias" (Switzerland)
  • "Allan Esteban" (France)
  • "Joan DABLIN" (Ex-member of the boygroup "In-Complete" / Germany)
  • "Augustine II" (U.K.) - Song: "Colourist - Shades On"
  • "School of Art and Music Eppingen"
  • "Music, Ballet and Dance Academy Kraichgau e.V."


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  • 38'000 followers



  • 865'000 views
  • 1'520 subscribers



  • 1'550 fans



  • Music studies at the Ruprecht-Karls-University in Heidelberg (B.A.)