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„Musical Polaroid Pictures“:



COLOURIST writes and composes his songs on this maxim.

He creates modern EDM Pop which captures the great moments of life like a snapshot.

Underlined with perfectly fitting tone colours that reflect his true stories and feelings.


COLOURIST is not only a musician, but also a passionate content creator,

who - as a true allrounder - produces his complete content of videos, pictures, graphics and of course all of his songs from the first word to the last note completely by himself.

That's how he manages to inspire his listeners with his modern but timeless musical photo album.


 Besides making music he also loves to travel and gather new impressions and creativity to put his experiences and travel moments into music, lyrics, vocals, videos, pictures and his travel blog.


His overall goal is to inspire his community to simply go out,

travel and enjoy every second of their lives while listening to his music.

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