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Already finished instrumentals/beats produced by me especially for you, which you can use for your own song projects, you can find here:

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You want to write your own song, but don't really know how and where to start?

I can offer you professional songwriting and,

if required, the complete production, mix and master of your own musical masterpiece, where I'll create a song out of your ideas and emotions, which should represent your own character and expression.


It shouldn't just be a text that fits well with a separate instrumental, but a song as if you wrote it yourself, with music that captures your emotions in chords and melodies to melt into one piece together with the lyrics.


Message me in the contact form below and together we will create a special musical artwork out of your ideas, influences and emotions.


  • Message me via the contact form below and together we'll create a special musical artwork out of your ideas, influences and emotions.



Mixing is a step in the production chain where the final creative decisions can be made that have a major impact on the sound of the final product.


Mixing is much more than just adjusting the volume of individual musical elements. You place your voice in between of instruments, spreading them in both the stereo and frequency spectrum to give each instrument its own place in the song.


Nowadays there are extremely complex tools available for this purpose, that a mixing engineer hast to know how to use. However, the most important thing is to recognize and work out the intention, characteristics and emotions of each individual song, so that in the end it can bring its strengths to life on every monitoring systems.

Although mixing is a very technical process, a good mix is the result of pure experience, musical feeling and knowledge.


  • Contact me using the contact form below and I will make your song a pure auditive experience.



Mastering is the finishing touch before the release. Final adjustments are made to achieve a clear even and silky smooth sound of the song. The song is also made "competitive" so that it works great on all playback devices and is loud enough compared to its competitors.


Mastering usually effects the finished stereo mix (alternatively, there is STEM mastering with multiple tracks/groups and better editing possibilities).


Mastering is rather less suitable to compensate weak mixes. The sound of the mix should already be close to the desired sound. The song must therefore be optimized in the mix before or needs to be handed over to a professional instead of investing money in mastering only.


Message me in the following contact form and I will get the best out of your song.


  • Message me in the following contact form and I will get the best out of your song.


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